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Attendo continues to invest in improving quality and new housing

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Attendo continues to invest in improving quality and new housing

Attendo Group reports continued growth and high quality reviews of their businesses during 2014. During the year, Attendo continued to invest in improving quality and new housing to meet growing societal challenges in the Nordic countries.

Those are some of the conclusions from Attendo's Annual Report for 2014.

- We are very pleased with the confidence and the good reviews Attendo gets from customers, users, relatives and co-workers. This year we celebrate that we have 30 years of experience in taking responsibility for and developing care operations in the Nordic region, and we are aiming to be around for at least another 30 years. Our focus for the next few years is to continue to invest to meet the growing societal needs in care in the Nordic region, says Attendo's President and CEO Henrik Borelius in a statement.

During the year, sales increased to SEK 9 045 M (8465) with sustained operating margin of just under 9% (9%). Net profit decreased to SEK 226 M (363), resulting in a profit margin of 2% (4%) after financial costs and tax.

- We continue to invest to increase the quality of our operations and make room for more users, especially in our own units. In 2014, we introduced a new, modern quality management system in elderly care. We also opened 683 new beds in 23 new accommodations and put the shovel in in the ground for 855 new beds for the coming years.

At year-end, Attendo had activities in 480 units in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. In total, there were around 23,000 users and 18,000 employees in Attendo care operations, and more than three quarters of a million patients received treatments within Attendo primary and dental care services in Finland.

- Attendo’s businesses still attract great appreciation from users, relatives and co-workers as well as our public clients. This year we are especially proud that we ended up as number one in the National Board of Health and Welfare’s Open comparisons in the field of Support and Services for Disabled (LSS) in Sweden, we are the leader in elderly care in terms of implementation plans and activities and that we have the highest ratings from more than 9 out of 10 customers in primary care and dental care in Finland. Our focus going forward is to take responsibility for and continue to develop our activities in all areas, says Henrik Borelius.

Facts about Attendo

  • The largest private health and care company in the Nordics, founded in 1985
  • Operates in elderly care, care for people with disabilities, individual and family, health care and dental.
  • Operates in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark
  • Total 18,000 employees in approximately 480 units in the Nordic countries
  • 40 of the 50 top managers are women

Key figures 2014

Net sales SEK 9 045 M (8465)
Operating profit SEK 807 M (738)
Operating margin 9%
Net profit SEK 226 M (363)
Profit margin 2%
Operating cash flow SEK 700 million (724)

Attendo's Annual Report for 2014 can be found here: http://www.attendo.com/financial-information

For more information
Stefan Svanström, Communications Director, Attendo Group, +46 (0) 70-867 38 07, stefan.svanstrom@attendo.com



Attendo utför offentligt finansierad vård och omsorg på uppdrag av kommuner i Norden. Attendo ökar mångfalden och valfriheten för såväl brukare och patient som medarbetare och beslutsfattare. Attendomodellen utvecklar branschen och ger mer välfärd för pengarna. Vi sätter alltid den enskilde individens behov i centrum.


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Makan Afshinnejad

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Attendo – Nordens ledande omsorgsföretag

Attendo - Nordens ledande omsorgsföretag

Attendo är den ledande privata leverantören av offentligt finansierade omsorgstjänster i Norden. Företaget grundades 1985 och var först i Sverige med att driva äldreomsorg på entreprenad. Utöver äldreomsorg erbjuder Attendo omsorg för personer med funktionsnedsättning samt individ- och familjeomsorg. Attendo har omkring 25 000 medarbetare och är lokalt förankrat med cirka 700 verksamheter i omkring 300 kommuner i Sverige, Finland, Norge och Danmark. www.attendo.com

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